The Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy

Solar energy (or green energy) is a renewable energy source, such as wind and hydroelectricity. We’ll dive deeper into pros and cons of solar energy. As we all know, nothing is perfect. So no matter how great something is there may be at least a couple of not-so-great points about it – even if those points are just a matter of opinion. 

The most basic level of solar energy is (of course) energy from the sun – hence “solar” energy. Here in North Texas, we get an average 234 sunny days a year! What can we do with all that sun? Does it make sense to go solar? How do you use solar energy? How much will it cost? Is it difficult to “go solar” and how much effort will it take on my part?

With that in mind let’s discuss solar energy. Since you are reading this blog post, you obviously want to know more about solar energy, which is very exciting for us here at Solartime USA. We have a passion to help people understand solar, and we want to help you go solar as well. 

What are the Disadvantages of Solar Energy?

So, are there no disadvantages of solar energy? While there are many, many advantages to going solar, there are also some drawbacks of solar energy. Like with anything, no matter how great something is there are always downsides and it’s the same for solar energy and solar systems for your house.

Not All Roofs Are Created Equal

The space needed for a solar system is a disadvantage for some people. You do have to have an adequate roof, or space on your property for a ground mounted solar system. 

Shading can be a disadvantage as well, if you have too many shade trees and don’t want to trim them, it may not make sense to install a solar system. However, talking with one of our specialists may result in finding a solution around your roofing or space challenges.

Can Be Pricey Without Financing

One main concern for many people when considering whether to go solar or not is cost, and that could be seen as a disadvantage for some. Let’s dive into the cost issue a little deeper. 

While the cost of solar systems has come down drastically and continues to become more and more affordable, there is still some cost involved, of course. This is where it is important to deal with a local solar company that you can trust, like Solartime USA. 

We are knowledgeable about both Federal and potential local credits/rebates and will ensure you can take advantage of all the tax credits and rebates available for you. 

It is also important to realize that when you do go solar, you can control your energy costs. Solartime USA offers $0 down and financing options that allow you to keep your monthly payments about the same or less than your current electric bill. 

Materials to Make Solar Panels Are Not Always the Safest

There is some concern over the hazardous and toxic materials that go into solar system manufacturing. In the long run, the smaller carbon footprint outweighs the impact of solar manufacturing on the environment.

Solar energy is a clean energy, meaning there is no pollution involved in converting solar energy into usable electricity. It is also a renewable, natural, and clean resource. We will not run out of sunlight and it is always available at no cost to us. Pollution does not come from solar energy harvesting and use. 

Weather Based Intermittency

One main disadvantage is that you cannot use your solar system at night. When there’s no sun shining you can’t use solar energy. This should not necessarily deter you from going solar. 

You are still connected to the electric grid through your electric provider so you can use your electric company’s energy when solar energy is not available. Then during the day if you produce more electricity with your solar system than you use, you can send surplus energy back to the grid to receive credits for that energy and help ease the demand on the grid as well. 

Considering location as it relates to use of solar energy, the more sunny days the better. However, going solar is still a great choice, even in “wetter climates” where it rains more (and is more cloudy). We are in a good location here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area for going solar as we can really benefit from all the sunshine. 

In trying to list the pros and cons of solar energy, the amount of sunny days in our area is certainly on the “pros” side. Other locations in the country and in the world are not quite as sunny as the Dallas-Ft. Worth is. However, even places that don’t get as much sun as we do can benefit from using solar energy. While bright sunshine allows solar panels to harvest the most solar energy, the sun’s rays can still be harvested on cloudy days. 

It Can Be Hard To Find Quality Installers

Once the installation process is underway, people might worry about what could go wrong. Solartime USA offers professional installation followed by a final inspection to make sure everything has been properly secured and configured. 

What are the Benefits of Solar Energy?

When weighing the pros and cons of solar energy, the benefits are substantial. Along with feeling great about doing something to improve the air quality for our planet, you also have economic advantages such as saving money on bills and increasing your property value.

Reduces Carbon Emissions For a Greener Planet

The benefits of solar energy to the environment is something that Solartime USA is proud to be a part of. With growing concern over global warming, it’s becoming more and more important to reduce our carbon footprint. Going solar helps reduce those carbon emissions that scientists believe to be contributing to climate change. 

Huge Impact On Your Electric Bill

While with some utility companies you see an increase to your electric bill, with solar your payments stay the same. You take control of your energy costs and you are no longer tied to rising energy costs – this leads to energy independence. 

Which leads to the next point, going solar can be a very simple process with the right local and honest solar company such as Solartime USA , the process is very simple. You simply give access to your annual electric usage graph, your address and our experts can draft up a proposal for you that we will then go over with you to find out your ideas, desires and energy needs for your home. All the paperwork and permitting will be taken care of by our experts, so essentially all you have to do is decide you want to go solar and we can take care of the rest. 

Increases Your Homes Value

Home buyers know that when they buy a home with a solar panel system already installed, they stand to save lots of money on electricity. For this reason, installing solar panels is like putting a pool in the backyard. It’s a positive feature that adds value to your home.

Protection Against Rising Electric Bills

As stated previously, one of the good things about solar energy as a source of electricity for your home is more independence. You won’t have to worry about spikes in your utility billing. Also with solar, you can sell your surplus energy for credits.

Low Maintenance Costs

With solar energy systems, you can expect little to no maintenance.  Just sit back and enjoy the savings.

What We Have Learned About Going Solar

So, in summary, there are more advantages than disadvantages to solar energy, and even the few disadvantages can easily be overcome and are minor.

All these are good points on the advantages column for solar energy. So how complicated is it to use all that beautiful sun to power your home? Is that where all the disadvantages to solar energy usage lies? 

Well, no, of course there is cost involved in going solar, and it can be confusing to think about going solar. However, our experts here at Solartime USA can make the process of going solar very easy for you. You can find out more from our Dallas solar experts here at Solartime USA with a free, no obligation consultation.

Contact the Solartime Experts for Dallas Solar Questions and Installation

Let us help you go solar, or at least figure out whether going solar is a good option for you. We are located right here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and have the expertise to secure all rebates, refunds and tax credits for you. Our professional installers are guaranteed to install a beautiful solar system for you. 

We handle the entire process for you, from finding the right financing, dealing with HOA, getting permits, arranging appointments with the electric company (to name a few).  All you have to do is decide to go solar and we’ll handle the rest. 

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