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How can we help your business?

Design & Construction Specs Provided

Solartime will provide a full financial analysis to assure the system is tailored to your business needs and provides fastest ROI.

Turn-key Design & Imstallation

Once the solar system design is finalized, we will put together a turn-key plan of execution for any type of application: flat roof mount, ground mount, parking canopy or custom implementation. We work with certified structural and electrical engineers to provide design direction with construction specifications for all projects.

Maintenance Services

Solartime has a dedicated service team to help you troubleshoot existing problems. We service all types of systems and offer service agreements with scheduled maintenance visits and guaranteed production.

Remove & Reinstall

If you ever need to replace your roof Solartime will work with your insurance and remove, store, and reinstall the system when the roof is completed.

Highest Quality Equipment

Solartime has access to a wide variety of products available on the market. We do not tie ourselves to just one manufacturer, because we believe each project is different and may require a different solution to best fit the customer. Photo

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