Dallas Solar Panel Installation Services

We are Solartime USA – Dallas Solar Company


We are a family owned and operated Dallas Solar Company with a mission to put families first, because we know what matters most. 

What makes us one of the best solar companies in Dallas, TX? We have been helping families in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the U.S. & Europe switch to solar energy for more than a decade. With over 21,000 families and businesses in Dallas/ Fort Worth and around the world putting their trust in us we continue to strive to help families switch to solar energy. We are passionate about helping you switch and helping preserve our environment at the same time.

Solartime USA offers a wide range of solar energy services:

  • Free on-site consultation
  • Site and electrical usage evaluations,
  • Custom solar designs
  • Proper permitting with local utilities and HOAs
  • Solar panel installation
  • Post installation inspection
  • Post-installation 24/7 monitoring and service 
  • Removal and reinstallation of solar panels due to roof replacement

We make switching to solar energy an easy and smooth process. We are with you long after installation is complete – we are here to stay. We will take care of the entire project for you from start to finish.


Our Solar Panel Installation Process


  1. Free Consultation – Evaluation of the location, system size, and savings plan
  2. Individual design – We design the system specifically for your needs, taking into consideration your electrical requirements as well as your design preferences.
  3. Installation of the solar system – Professional installation and professional 24/7 monitoring of your system
  4. Final inspections
  5. You are ready to go! Enjoy using the Texas sun!



Why you should make the switch to Solar in Dallas, TX


Making the switch to Solar Energy with Solartime USA, your locally owned and operated Dallas solar company, is a smart move. We all know how much sun we get in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area, so why not make use of all that wonderful solar energy? 

We are able to source any type of equipment based on homeowners’ preferences. Our goal is to install a long lasting and quality equipment on your roof, so we prefer to work with companies who have been in business for more than 25 years. 

Some of the benefits of solar panels include:

  • Saving money from day one by reducing or even eliminating your electric bills
  • Increasing your home’s value
  • Protection from rising electric costs
  • Benefiting from a 26% tax credit (to be reduced to 22% in January 2021)
  • Taking advantage of local utility company rebates
  • Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Once you’ve made the switch, you will own your solar system and will have secured low energy costs for years to come. Your solar system is built to last and comes with a 25-year warranty and online monitoring. In addition to saving you money right away by reducing electric bills, your new solar system helps you save for years to come because as the cost of electricity continues to rise, your energy costs will stay the same. Not to mention the positive impact you are making on our environment for you and your children. Check out Solar 101 for more information about the benefits of going solar.


Dallas Solar Panel Property Tax Exemption and the Solar Tax Credit


While the State of Texas does not offer a tax credit for installing a solar system there is a 26% Federal Tax credit for 2020, this will reduce to 22% in 2021. This Tax credit is based on your income tax liability and will reduce the total cost of the solar system by 26%. You need to claim it when filing taxes for the year in which you installed your solar system. If the tax credit is higher than your tax liability, you can roll over the credit for the future tax years.

As a Texas homeowner, you know that property tax exemptions can be a pretty big deal. So, you’ll be happy to hear The Lone Star State offers a solid property tax exemption for the owners of home solar systems. Meaning, the resulting boost in your home value from installing a system — which could increase by 4% or more — will be exempt 100% from your property tax increase.


Make the Switch to Solar with Solartime


Solartime USA is your Dallas / Ft. Worth area solar installer. Want to know more about how solar works? We would love to answer your solar questions, give you a free quote and design and add you to our amazing Solartime USA family! Contact us today!