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Store Your Energy

If you're thinking of going solar, you may also be thinking of adding storage to your project. System paired with batteries will allow you to maintain your routine and avoid power outages.
When a battery system is paired with a solar system, you generate power during peak hours and keep your batteries charged for an unexpected blackout. When the outage comes, the system will detect no power coming from the grid, and transition to isolating your system by creating a micro-grid at your own home.
The transition will happen in seconds!
What Are The Benefits Of Solar Battery Storage?

  • Store Energy produced during peak sunlight.
  • Avoid time-of-use charges.
  • Stay Powered during a blackout.
  • Be in control of your energy use.
  • Be independent!

What are the systems that we offer?

        Sol-Ark Hybrid Inverter
        Sunny Island Battery Inverter
        SMA Sunny Boy Storage Inverter
        PWRCell Generac Battery Inverter
        Enphase Encharge
        Panasonic Evervolt
        SimpliPhi Batteries
        LG Chem
        And many more

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