Solar power is great, but where do I start?

Our number one goal is to make ALL of our customers happy! One of them offered to write a blog post explaining how easy it was to go solar. We asked her to tell us her story and this is what she wrote:

That’s a great question and it can be an overwhelming task to try to figure out. My name is Heike and I had that same daunting task ahead of me, where do I start? How do I find out more? How do I know I’m dealing with a legitimate company…oh, and even worse, I’m a co-op member is Solar power even possible for our family?

All those questions made my head spin, luckily that was a little over a year ago and I am happy to say I now have answers! I’m happy to share my experience with you and hopefully take some of the headaches away for you.

As I mentioned I’m a co-op member, not by choice mind you, that’s the only option where we live, however, we now have solar panels!!!

From my experience, it’s most important to have a company that is honest, helpful and passionate about solar power and helping others become solar power users.
After talking to a few other solar companies I finally found Solartime USA!!! Right at the first meeting, I was impressed with the knowledge and history of the company, this is a family owned and ran a company that has been in business in Europe for many years (let’s face it; Europe has been at the forefront of the task to save our environment).

Solartime USA will have a representative come out, go over your ideas with you and help you get the system you envision, whether that is roof mounted, a ground mount or even on a carport. The support is amazing, they will walk you through the entire process, pretty much handle everything for you from design to finance to installation (in our case they handled everything with the co-op as well!)…The icing on the cake is the 30% tax credit from the government and yes, you guessed it, Solartime USA even has help available for claiming your tax credit- for FREE! You’ll end up with a high-quality system with a great warranty. Most importantly, the support continues after installation, your system is remotely monitored. We’ve gotten random cards in the mail or a call to make sure we are happy with our system.

The entire process, from the first meeting to completed installation only took a few weeks! All those hours I spent worrying about how to get solar was basically wasted, this was so very easy once I found Solartime USA. We produce energy for ourselves, what we overproduce we sell back to the co-op, our electric bills have drastically shrunk, we made it through the winter months that usually produced $500 to $650 monthly bills to our highest bill being $130. Going solar has been a great choice!!! In a nutshell, going solar can be very simple, it has been for us, it can be for you. All it takes is to reach out…here’s how:

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