How to Lower My Electric Bill? Learn Ways to Save Energy!

In our innovative, tech-focused, and eco-conscious age, it’s surprising that a larger number of Americans aren’t choosing to live green. In just a few small steps, you can minimize the amount of energy you use and lower your electric bill.

There’s more you can do to make your home energy efficient than just installing a new refrigerator. There are energy-saving tactics both big and small you can take part in to make your home a more efficient, and greener, place.

Here’s what you can do to lower your utility bills, cut back on your energy resources, and make your environmental footprint just that much smaller.

Remember Your Windows

Your windows are a key player when it comes to making your home more energy efficient. This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be amazed by how often homeowners forget about these energy-suckers.

Don’t open your windows during the fall and winter months if you’re looking for a cool breeze. Instead, turn down the thermostat. By doing so, you’ll save your HVAC system from overworking itself to fight against the draft.

Make sure that your air conditioning unit fits properly in your windows during the summer, too. If the accordion wings on your unit don’t fit flush against the window frame, you may be cooling the outdoors in addition to your house!

During temperature-neutral days, turn your HVAC system off and let the weather outside naturally regulate the temperature in your home. You can also add weather stripping to your windows and doors that will help to retain your home’s internal Temperature throughout the year.

You may also want to install an automatic, or programmable, thermostat. These thermostats can be as cheap as $20 and work great to cut energy use without sacrificing comfort.

Here Comes the Sun…

The sun can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to making your home more energy efficient. If your home is in an area where there aren’t many trees to provide shade, you might find yourself fighting to crank up the AC high enough during the summer months.

The good news is you can save yourself the high energy bills during the summer by installing blackout curtains over your windows. Blackout curtains help to keep the sunlight out so your home doesn’t turn into an oven and your AC unit doesn’t have to overwork itself.

You can also take advantage of your home’s sun-soaking abilities by installing residential solar panels. Residential solar panels allow particles of sunlight (photons) to knock electrons free from their atoms. This generates a flow of electricity.

By generating your home’s electricity using the same sunlight that overheats your house during the summer months, you can save significantly on your energy bills. What’s more, because you’re generating energy using sunlight instead of using an electricity service, you’re reducing the number of fossil fuels burned.
Unplug Your Electronics When They’re Done Charging

There’s a reason why it’s commonly suggested to unplug your electronic devices when they’re not in use. And it’s not just because it’s a fire hazard.

When you leave your phone plugged in even after it’s fully charged, it continues to pull energy from the grid. This is true of other electronics as well including your laptop, your TV, stereo, game console, and more.

You’re paying for additional electricity that isn’t even being used. Those small price hikes can build up over time and leave you wondering where all your money’s gone.

To save money and energy (and to reduce the risk of an electric fire) get in the habit of unplugging your chargers when they’re not in use. This includes pulling your charger out of the wall when your phone is done charging too, not just unplugging your phone.

It can also help to plug your electronics into a power strip that can be turned off when you’re not using your devices. This way, you don’t have to worry about what needs to be unplugged when you’re hurrying out the door. You only need to flip the switch on the power strip and you’re good to go.
Interested in Installing Residential Solar Panels?

In 2018, utility-scale electricity generation facilities in the U.S. generated up to 4.18 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity. But only 17% of that energy came from renewable resources. Residential solar panels give you the chance to draw your home’s energy from a renewable resource and do your part in the fight against climate change.

Solartime USA offers residential solar panels and solar panel installation so you can make your home more efficient all in one place. To learn more about our solar installation process and solar panel design, contact Solartime USA today.



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