Fri­day, 01 July 2016 11:11

Solar rev­o­lu­tion

We all seem to know that the time is right for the solar rev­o­lu­tion. We also believe that one day solar power will replace oil and we will all live in a world that is clean, fresh, and sim­ply renew­able. How­ever, this it will not hap­pen as quickly as we would like it to. Solar­time truly believes in Solar Energy and is aware that there are some prob­lems that we have to face before we make this planet green again. One of the issues could be low effi­ciency, or the lack of stor­age facil­ity like a bat­tery that would allow us to store the energy for long peri­ods of time, but with the solar indus­try devel­op­ing so rapidly, we should not be wor­ried for a long time.

Fur­ther­more, we need to be aware that in the com­ing decades the oil prices will start to raise, and the solar power will drop. This means that the drop­ping cost of solar cells will raise its effi­ciency. The oil price will go up because the world will soon hit the halfway point for the pro­duc­tion of oil. Peo­ple may think that there are new sources of oil that are founded, and it is true. We will prob­a­bly have oil for the next decades, but it will become more and more expen­sive. What we need to keep in mind is that in order to keep oil cheap we would have to dis­cover another ‘Saudi Ara­bia’ every five to ten, and this is an impos­si­ble achieve­ment. Con­se­quently, the oil price will grad­u­ally rise, and the solar power will decrease. The future of solar PV looks bright, since the indus­try has con­sis­tently been able to lower the cost.

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Fur­ther­more, Euro­peans are now work­ing on the so-​called, fusion power that within 20 years will bring us a fusion reac­tor on our planet. This fusion power in com­bi­na­tion with the solar power could drive all the machines. This would mean that a global warm­ing could actu­ally be a prob­lem for only sev­eral decades to come, as we will enter the solar era and the fusion era. There is only one prob­lem, and it is the amount of car­bon diox­ide in the air that we have already emit­ted into the atmos­phere. Unfor­tu­nately, we will con­tinue to do so for the next years to come, and this will cause a vari­ety of weather changes. How­ever, in the long run, if we are able to har­ness the energy behind the sun then we will finally find the ulti­mate solu­tion for pol­lu­tion in the atmosphere.